While Democrats are having a meltdown over the Census question asking whether a person legally immigrated to the U.S., the liberal media is crowing over a new report that illegal immigration is down in Colorado and across the country.

Nationwide, 1.7 million fewer people were reported from 2007 through 2017, and 30,000 less in Colorado.

How do we know this?

U.S. Census data collected by the Pew Research Center, which conveniently left out last year’s, and the ongoing border-crossing crisis.

Turns out it’s okay for liberals to use a host of immigration data to make political points, but it’s not okay for the U.S. to collect that data to count people.

Liberals aren’t worried about the question scaring illegal immigrants or invading privacy.

Their only concern, is non-citizens won’t be counted as legal residents when congressional districts are redrawn, and if they lose all of their voters, they might lose their electoral advantage.