Not a day goes by when we aren’t reminded of the hypocrisy rampant in the Democratic Party and far-left wing in Colorado – especially around women. The most recent example comes to us in the form of Leo McKinney, the former Mayor of Glenwood Springs and current president of the environmental organization, Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance, which claims to educate the public about the benefits of securing permanent protection of the area within and surrounding the city of Glenwood Springs from mineral extraction and development. In other words, they want to keep it in the ground.

We won’t even add the tweet here but you can see for yourself  in a post from the Colorado Transparency Project, McKinney was recently busted for sinking as low as possible and dropping the See You Next Tuesday (are you really going to make us spell it out?) slander on Education Secretary Betsy Devos. Woah. That escalated quickly.

That’s right folks, McKinney doesn’t always call women the c-word , but when he does he likes to do it as publicly as possible on social media. Besides the admission that he likes to use this offensive word, it’s another yet reminder that Democrats aren’t the party of women.

We haven’t seen any apology from McKinney yet, or heard if the Glenwood Springs Citizens Alliance will ask him to resign, but both actions would seem to be appropriate in this situation. It’s not a good look to have a misogynist as the president of your organization.