We tip our hat to the Colorado Supreme Court for doing us a solid. Just as Democrats were trying to split hairs over a TABOR repeal, starting with something that sounded innocuous (Proposition CC) that would eventually lead to a full repeal, the Colorado Supreme Court today cleared the path for TABOR haters to overreach and makes plausible the possibility that Democrats could repeal TABOR in its entirety.

And maybe even this year.

That’s where this court case comes in. The same people who are bringing forward Proposition CC, which asks Coloradans to forfeit their refunds forever, brought forward this lawsuit. Earlier this year, these folks wanted to fully repeal TABOR in its entirety, but were told that they could not because it violates Colorado’s “single subject rule.” That meant that Carol Hedges and her liberal loons would have to dismantle TABOR piece by piece, starting with Prop CC. Today’s ruling reverses that and says that TABOR can be dismantled in one vote of the people.

On one hand, it’s a big win for liberals, but on the other hand, it means that Democrats have to sh!t or get off the pot on this issue. There’s no more hiding behind taking it down piece by piece. The real win is to take it down entirely. Democrats think that Colorado voters shouldn’t have a say, voters think voters should have say.

This is an argument that every taxpayer should want to have. According to polling, over 70% of Coloradans support TABOR, but there are some elected officials (ok, they’re pretty much all Democrats) who think that you shouldn’t have a say in tax increases. They’d prefer to spend like drunken sailors without having to ask your permission.

Activist Laura Carno laid it out pretty well:

“Today’s decision is not reflective of the majority, but rather a well-funded, fringe group of anti-TABOR activists who want government to spend our money without asking us. That’s just wrong.”

It is wrong. And we can’t wait to get Democrats on the record on this issue.