Democrat critics of the Aurora ICE facility are noticeably quiet about the escape this week of three detainees, including one man who is a rape suspect.

U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette kicked up a fuss recently after a facility inspection revealed unlabeled food and a lack of outdoor activity for the detainees.

Then there’s U.S. Rep. Jason Crow, who got his drawers in a bunch when he wasn’t allowed to waltz in uninvited with a news crew in tow to determine if detainees quarantined for contagious diseases like chickenpox were getting proper medical care.

Crow’s not actually a doctor, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn while drafting a bill authorizing his entry to the facility whenever he wanted.

Curiously, we don’t see any sign of Crow banging on the front door demanding a dragnet to find the escapees.

We also don’t see DeGette insisting federal law enforcement put boots on the ground to make sure the facility is escape proof, or to assist in the search.

She’s too busy with other priorities.

Meanwhile, police are on their own searching for the escapees; Amilcar Aguilar-Hernandez, 23, from El Salvador, and Fort Carson rape case suspect; Douglas Amaya-Arriaga, 18; and, Carlos Perez-Rodriguez, 18, both from Honduras.