Democrats are throwing an undisclosed amount of money away on lame Facebook ads targeting U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton.

The party is either flush with cash, or just drunk.

The ads are aimed at English and Spanish-speaking voters with the weak claim that Tipton hasn’t held a single public event since March 2017, the Daily Sentinel reports.

Besides the fact it’s blatantly not true, who cares?

Are English and Spanish voters seriously scratching their heads over their ballots, trying to remember the last time they shouted at their congressman in public?

Western Slope residents have real issues like keeping their jobs, paying the bills, raising their kids right.
Attending meetings ranks pretty far down the list.

What will they reveal next? That Tipton leaves his garbage can on the curb days after pickup?

Most voters probably don’t even know yet that Tipton’s only challengers are perennial candidates Diane Mitsch Bush, a former state representative, and Durango resident Root Rutledge.

If this is the best Democrats have to offer, they would be faster served by flushing their money down the toilet.