Somebody needs to keep John Hickenlooper on message, because he keeps forgetting whether he’s courting capitalists or the Democratic socialism vote.

As PeakNation will recall, Hick was all iffy about the free market on MSNBC in March when he declined to endorse our economic system.

Then Hick made the bizarre choice of the fanatically liberal California Democratic Party convention in San Francisco earlier this month to stomp on their dreams and declare “socialism is not the answer.”

Hick was practically booed off the stage, but doubled down last week with his newly discovered capitalist street cred and proclaimed:

“I think massive expansions of government, as kind of a fix-all solution to the challenges facing the country, whether you’re talking about trying to get to universal health care or address climate change, they’re not what American people want, and I don’t think they’re what Democratic primary voters are gonna want.”

But now Hick’s back on the “massive expansion of government” bandwagon, promising free college tuition if elected.

We’re guessing the recent polling numbers came back, and Hick found out his millennial-fueled party will only be satisfied when all their stuff is free.