2016 Presidential race

Praise be to whomever Democrats pray to, because they’re starting to see the light and reject the National Popular Vote Act as the devil’s work that it is.

This week, Maine became the second Democratic-controlled legislature to reject the bill, with 20 Dems abdicating to the GOP side to kill it, dead.

A similar bill to join the National Popular Vote compact and eliminate the Electoral College was vetoed by Nevada’s Democrat Gov. Steve Sisolak last month.

The compact can only go into effect once enough states with 270 electoral votes pass legislation to join.
So far, there are 15 states and District of Columbia in the compact with a total 196 electoral votes.

Colorado is one of four states to successfully pass the law this year and it appeared Democrats had the momentum to pull a fast one on voters.

But it turns out our voters aren’t willing to just toss their presidential voting power to larger populated states like California and New York, which would dominate and determine future elections.

A recall effort to overturn that law is well underway in Colorado, with thousands of voters signing petitions demanding they retain control over their own vote.

Now that’s a trend we can get behind.