This is starting to get funny. You might recall the great news earlier this week, with the Colorado Legislative Council projecting that taxpayers stand to receive both TABOR refunds and a decrease in their state income tax rate in the years ahead. You see, Colorado’s best-in-the-nation economy provides for that. And what do you think provides for Colorado’s best-in-the-nation economy?

We’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with LABOR.

All of this makes Colorado Democrats’ efforts to undermine or do away with our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights all the more ridiculous. Upon hearing the news that Coloradans would be getting back what they overpaid into state government, liberals freaked out. FOX31’s Joe St. George explains why:

“A couple making $175,000 will receive around $246. A couple earning more than $226,000 would receive $751.

“‘It’s primarily because of a stronger economy,” said State Sen. Rachel Zenzinger, who sits on the state’s Joint Budget Committee. ‘That will be refunded to people in the form of a check.’

“That, however, could change if a special session is called by Gov. Jared Polis.

“Special sessions typically cost taxpayers around $25,000 a day.

“A special session could change the total amount refunded to Coloradans.”

Zenzinger and her fellow Democrats are super upset that you are entitled to money that you overpaid into an already-bloated state government. That’s why they’re trying to take away these refunds forever with Proposition CC. And just to be clear, Democrats want to use your TABOR refunds to push for a tax increase. It’s pretty sick.

Sadly for the big-government-minded, Coloradans are going to crush Prop CC this November. We have a suggestion: if Democrats think TABOR is so bad, go ahead and bring the full TABOR repeal to the ballot, rather than ridiculous, death-by-a-thousand papercut measures like CC. Let’s just have TABOR vs. No TABOR go twelve rounds in the ring for all the marbles; our money would be on Colorado’s taxpayers.