Sure are a lot of crickets down there in South Carolina, and John Hickenlooper got to hear them all during a speech he gave as part of the Democrat’s big shin dig weekend at U.S. Sen. Jim Clyburn’s fish fry.

Hick hit the race button, the climate change button, the cop killing button, all of the liberal triggers, almost nothing seemed to work.

For good reason.

“Our democracy is something we neglect at our own peril. (Trump’s) fueling a national crisis of division unlike anything our nation has seen since the Civil War,” Hick roared to the politely silent southern crowd, whose economy is based on Yankee tourists.

Hick continued to bash Trump — who carried the state in 2016 with 56% compared to Hillary’s 41% — calling him everything except the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

The best part, was Hick bragging about how racially sensitive Denver Police are because of his work as mayor, and all about how minority folks don’t get shot here like they do down south.

Hick’s staff might want to do some actual research before throwing their boss to the crowd unprepared.

Cop shooting doesn’t appear to be as big an issue down there as it is here, and the crowd wasn’t at all mesmerized by Hick’s talk of the brew pub he started or legalizing marijuana, because THIS IS THE BIBLE BELT.

At one point, a lone staffer supporter started clapping really loud to get the crowd going.

Hick’s most popular line?

His claim he cut teenage abortion by 64%.

We suspect that’s the last South Carolina will even see of Hick before their February primary.