This morning’s Denver Post featured an op-ed by a former legislator turned economic development chief (appointed by Governor Bill Ritter) suggesting that Republicans and Democrats should unite to implement another Referendum C-style TABOR fix.

Let’s be clear. The only reason that TABOR needs to be fixed is because Democrats can’t get their greedy hands in your wallets as it stands. Even a recent Denver Post editorial noted that there’s no longer a budget shortfall, or a need to loosen the purse strings for TABOR. Don’t worry, our friends at the Post also noted that they were salivating at the idea of repealing TABOR in its entirety.

Even worse, the polling on Proposition CC is abysmal. This may be why there have been rumblings in recent weeks about a special session to fix it. Here’s the bad news for Democrats – the polling on that fix is likely bad, too. What’s in it for Republicans? Republicans who lend their name to this effort will only be sealing their fates among their base. And, by that, we mean eroding their base. Republicans don’t get credit among unaffiliateds or Democrats for supporting either of these attempts to raise taxes (and, yes, that is what this is). So, why should Republicans support the Yes on CC effort or any attempt to call a special session?

The answer? Republicans shouldn’t. There’s nothing in it for Republicans. It’s going to lose anyway and Democrats would love to see Republicans irritate their base. Not to mention, this effort could divide Republicans at a time when Republicans need to come together to support the re-election of Sen. Cory Gardner.

If we, as Republicans, cannot agree to support TABOR, is there anything on which we can agree? No matter how Republicans feel about abortion, gay rights, immigration, or any other divisive issue, we should be able to agree on holding government accountable and keeping it small.

Mr. Marostica may have called to unite Republicans, but he’s wrong on one account. This isn’t a partisan issue. This is a Democratic problem. Republicans and unaffiliateds should unite in agreement that our state government must be more accountable and keep TABOR as a check against runaway spending that Democrats have planned.