The Democrats’ strategy of throwing every candidate they can find into the race for president is backfiring, spectacularly.

A national poll led by the Associated Press honed in on the response from one Denver mom, who summed it all up perfectly.

“It’s kind of a blur,” said Maggie Banks, 32, of suburban Denver, who has two young children and only has a chance to glean a few details about the race while listening to National Public Radio during her commute.

Banks said she has only a “vague” idea of who’s running and didn’t realize her state’s senior senator, Michael Bennet, or former governor, John Hickenlooper, were in the race.

When the race is so noisy and muddled that Coloradans don’t even know their sitting senator and former governor are running the big race, there’s a problem.

And that’s with 79% responding they’re very interested in the campaign, but only 62% say they know very little about what’s going in the race.

No duh.