For all the cash might the Colorado Education Association (aka teachers union) allegedly has, today was a weak showing for sure. Today, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who has effectively disrupted the union’s stranglehold on education and inspired ire from the union, visited Colorado. In response, the CEA recruited from all up and down the I-25 corridor. It was their chance for a million teacher march against DeVos – they’d show her. Less than 100 people showed up and many of those were children who had no free will.


This is further proof that the union isn’t comprised of throngs of disgruntled teachers, but is largely an astroturf effort.

Even worse, the teachers who did show up were ill behaved. Instead of leading with their concerns, some protesters just chose to give DeVos the bird. Like this lady here:

These are the people who are teaching your kids, PeakNation™. Stay classy, union thugs.