Earlier this week it was U.S. Sen. Diane DeGette, now it’s her Boulder neighbor U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse who is locking up Western Slope land from public use without their consent.

Apparently, we need to draw them a map.

If you’ll look closely, Mr. Neguse, your district is the darker blue color. 

That enormous pale blue area, that’s U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton’s district.

Those tiny specks of orange near the number one, that’s your district, Ms. DeGette.

Despite objections from Tipton, the Democrat-controlled Natural Resources Committee passed Neguse’s bill to lock up 400,000 acres from public use, including land in Tipton’s district.

“Congressman Tipton cannot support the Thompson Divide portion of the bill until there is consensus among all impacted counties on permanent mineral withdrawal,” a spokesman for Rep. Tipton said. He said that Tipton is concerned about the impact that the expansion of wilderness could have on military readiness and an aviation training center in Gypsum.

An effort to remove Tipton’s district was blocked by Neguse and DeGette, who claims we are loving our outdoors to death and so we must all be removed from the premises.

The same could be said for DeGette and Neguse’s district.

Too bad we can’t kick those folks off the land.