Now that John Hickenlooper and Michael Bennet have had their moment in the sun on the presidential debate stage, it’s time for them to look forward to their next big step.

Specifically, when will they drop out of the race?

After Thursday’s performance, or lack thereof, but both men still need a major Red Bull jolt to get any traction in this horse race.

Hickenlooper barely got five minutes in two hours — minus minimal commercials.

That one lady who thinks she running for president of New Zealand got more time than Hick:

Politico gave Hickenlooper their “wet blanket” award, for spoiling all their liberal fun with his “stop-calling-us-socialists” rant at Bernie Sanders.

And the best CNN analyst Chris Cillizza could offer for Bennet, was to endorse the Coloradan’s attack on Biden for caving to Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and refusing to raise taxes sky high.

“In short: Bennet came out of this debate looking better than he went into it. Which is a win.”

Considering Bennet came into this debate with a polling average of 0.4%, that’s not much of a win.

Both men are already approved to go on to the next debate. We suspect that when the debate train ends, so will their presidential campaigns.