Like the proverbial rats fleeing a sinking ship, John Hickenlooper staffers are “transitioning” from his presidential campaign to jobs likely to last more than a few weeks.

Who’s out? The key personnel of any campaign:

Campaign Manager Brad Komar

Finance Director Dan Sorenson

Spokeswoman Lauren Hitt

Digital Director John Schueler

New Hampshire Political Director Nolan Varee

ABC News also reports Brendan Koch, deputy finance director, may be leaving as well.

The departures are noteworthy in their timing — right after the first debate and the end of the fundraising quarter.

Hick’s finance guy went to work for Beto O’Rourke.

No word on where the other two will land.

Taking over as campaign manager is M.E. Smith, who once worked as Hick’s and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s deputy campaign manager, according to Politico.

She also managed a Senate campaign for Pennsylvania’s Bob Casey. 

We’re seeing a trend here in her political experience. Is Hick planning to transition himself from presidential wannabe to a senatorial candidate against U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner?

We’ve suspected that might be his plan all along. 

Considering Hick has a snowball’s proverbial chance in making the fall debates, we should know that answer by next month.