The media’s not missing a chance to tell disgruntled voters they don’t have a proverbial snowball’s chance in actually recalling Gov. Polis.

Granted, it’s a Herculean task, as one recall supporter admitted.

Yet politically, the effort is already having a desired effect on our misguided governor.

Polis is getting defensive, sending his people out to defend his record. Which ironically, is why the recall effort exists in the first place.

So while Polis is vacationing and lounging at the pool this summer, recall supporters are searching out 10,000 different voters daily to campaign against the governor and his record.

Will the campaign ultimately succeed? It’s anyone’s guess.

But in this highly charged atmosphere, Democrats should take note and seriously reconsider their efforts to hold a special legislative session to keep upwards of $600 million that should be refunded to taxpayers under TABOR.

Recalls are highly contagious, and the effects can be fatal in House and Senate districts.