John Hickenlooper has finally gone viral.

Unfortunately for his presidential campaign, the attention is coming from The Onion, a satirical site only slightly exaggerating Hickenlooper’s predicament.

Adding fuel to the fire, Hickenlooper actually responded to The Onion insisting his campaign has “already met our goal.”

Seriously? Hickenlooper has raised a drop in the bucket, a mere $2 million total ($1 million in the last filing period), which wouldn’t even fund a U.S. Senate race.

Not only that, he’s only got $1.3 million left in the bank.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is faring just as poorly, raising $2.8 million for his presidential bid in the last period.

Bennet plans to borrow $700,000 from his Senate campaign account, which only has about $1 million to spare.

The only reason The Onion is picking on Hickenlooper, because his name is funnier than Bennetblooper.