If the 2020 Democratic primary election for the U.S. Senate was held today, no one would win it.

That’s according to a poll paid for by supporters of Jena Griswold, who was elected secretary of state five minutes ago.

The plug, which we obviously just ignored, is supposed to be that Griswold is so popular with the masses, she’s already running in second place in the bid to oust Cory Gardner, and she’s not even running, yet!

But take a closer look, PeakNation:

42% Undecided
23% Andrew Romanoff
15% Griswold
12% Mike Johnston
2% Alice Madden
2% John Walsh
2% Dan Baer
2% Other candidate

In other words, the top three Democrat candidates were soundly defeated by Ms. Undecided, while the rest of the field tied for last place with Mr. Other Candidate.

Spinning like our dog before an afternoon nap, here’s how Griswold’s campion describes their findings:

“We were curious to see where Secretary of State Griswold would stack up in this survey,” pollster Chris Keating said in a statement. “The fact that an undeclared entrant could garner second reaffirms the fact that this race is wide open.”

Wide enough for Gardner to run through that opening without Griswold and her 15% coming within a mile of him, we say.