While Gov. Polis was busy challenging New Mexico to a chile taste-off Wednesday, CNBC released their 2019 rankings for America’s top states for business, and Colorado fell from 5th to 9th place on the list.

That means states like Georgia, Minnesota and Nebraska ranked better than us.

And, we shot up from 29th to to 35th place for infrastructure, lost our standings in workforce and education, and remain stagnant in cost of doing business at 37th place.

That’s right, Mr. Free Kindergarten for all knocked us from 11th place to 17th place in education.

Most important of all, Colorado no longer has one of the top economies, dropping from 8th to 21st place.

This is what happens when Polis and his Democratic legislature starts picking off industries they don’t like, it causes a ripple effect in the economy.

(Reuters) – New environmental regulations in Colorado have chilled investment in the state’s oil and gas fields as companies grapple with how local officials will respond to a law giving them more power to restrict energy production.

Which industries will they hate on next? Banking? Construction?

Polis needs to shift his focus from New Mexico chillies and chilling our economy, and start paying attention to the effects his policies are already having on doing business in Colorado.