The Democratic state legislature this year dropped the idea of legalizing drug dens for heroin and meth users after a public blowback.

But now, Colorado’s attorney general has decided our taxpayer dollars should be spent in a court battle to legalize public drug houses — in Philadelphia.

Phil Weiser filed friend of the court briefings along with Oregon, Michigan, D .C., Delaware, Minnesota, New Mexico, and Virginia this week in favor of the first non-profit injection site in the U.S.

Why? Because they all want opium dens in their own back yards, despite overwhelming objections by law enforcement and sane people, who say it will draw drug dealers and violence to their neighborhoods.

Weiser’s spokesman Lawrence Pacheco, says, “States are laboratories of democracy and should have the flexibility to develop appropriate public health solutions.”

Enabling drug users with medical staff, burners, clean needles, and overdose medication is not providing public health.

It’s just a slower method of killing drug addicts.