That was fast.

The effort to repeal Gov. Polis and the Democratic legislature’s misguided efforts to appropriate our presidential votes to the likes of California and New York has drawn enough petition signatures to take the question to the voters.

That’s according to organizers, who say they’ve validated more than 150,000 signatures — far above nearly 125,000 needed to make the 2020 ballot.

And they’re still gathering more supporters, hoping to get 200,000 signers by the Aug.1 deadline.

Polis is so desperate to stop it, he’s actually spreading this whopper of a tale:

“Due to the growth that we have had, we are now more in the large state category so we are penalized by the Electoral College,” he told a luncheon of business leaders.

Ahem. No, we’re not.

Electoral votes are based on the fixed number of U.S. Senators plus one vote for every congressional district allocated per 500,000 people.

Colorado has 9 electoral votes, California has 55, New York has 29.

Unless Colorado has grown from 5 million to 15 million people, we are most decidedly NOT in the large state category, and Polis knows that.

The National Popular Vote scheme is just that, a tactic by states with 20 to 40 million voters to control who is elected president.