A mysterious new poll shows presidential candidate John Hickenlooper getting beat to a bloody pulp in his own home state.

For some reason, Public Policy Polling won’t reveal Hickenlooper who actually commissioned the survey, which also asks who Coloradans would support in a Democratic primary against Republican U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner.

That question included Hickenlooper, who has repeatedly refused to enter the Senate race.

Is this poll the excuse Hick needs to suddenly change his mind, and come back home to campaign for a job here?

If the dude can’t even pull serious presidential numbers in his home sate, why is he still running?

National Journal first revealed the poll behind a paywall, but Colorado Politics has it and ran with this spin:

Poll shows Hickenlooper would dominate Colorado’s Democratic US Senate primary

A legitimate, if Hick were running for Senate. But he’s not. He’s running for president.

And here are those devastatingly embarrassing numbers

  • 22% Biden
  • 19% Warren
  • 15% Sanders
  • 9% Harris
  • 7% Hickenlooper and Buttigieg tie.

Interestingly, pollsters didn’t reveal how fellow presidential wannabe U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet scored in his home state.

Instead, their whole focus is on how great Hick would do in a Senate race he’s not entered, and in that he captured 44%, with Andrew Romanoff coming in second at 12%, and the other six candidates scoring less than 4%.

So who paid for the poll?

Well, it was conducted July 12-14, on the heels of this: