The Denver Post is telling their readers not to sign petitions recalling Gov. Polis and Democratic state Sens. Brittany Pettersen and Pete Lee.

It’s the proverbial “dog bites man” editorial we’ve come to expect from what’s left of their editorial page staff, so it’s not surprising.

What had us spewing coffee all over the computer screen was the Post’s reasoning behind their directive: 

Voters knew when they cast ballots for Polis, Pettersen, and Lee that they were progressive Democrats. These three individuals won while being honest with their constituents about the positions they held … Nothing has occurred in their recent voting records that should surprise anyone – especially those behind the recalls.

To the contrary, none of the above were honest about their intentions to give Colorado’s presidential voting power to the likes of California and New York — the driving force behind the recall effort.

Granted, the red flag bill was not a big surprise, but risky since there is precedent  in Colorado for recalling lawmakers over gun control issues. 

Did voters know Polis was anti oil and gas? Despite his insistence that he wasn’t, we never believed him. Polis proved us right when he signed Senate bill 181 into law.

It’s a bit hypocritical for the Denver Post to criticize the recall effort while ignoring the efforts of House Democrats, including some in the state’s delegation, who keep trying to impeach President Trump over accusations still under investigation.

In Colorado, we don’t need an investigation before holding this recall vote.

We know that Democratic lawmakers broke their trust with the public by supporting legislation to cripple the oil and gas industry, and steal our presidential votes.