Our poor little millionaire governor is begging for campaign cash to battle recall efforts, but it appears the money won’t be going towards the effort Polis claims.

Polis sent an email to supporters whining about Coloradans “taking advantage of our state law” to get rid of him, cited the recall effort, and asked for contributions, Colorado Politics reports.

The problem is — and there are many — the money is going into Polis’s campaign fund for reelection, not a proper issues committee that would spend money to defend the governor in a recall election. 

As Colorado Politics further points out, issue committees to defend Polis and other Democrats in potential recalls have already raised a combined $543,000, while recall groups have only raised a total $167,506.

So is Polis really running scared, or just using the recall to raise money?

Here’s a hint, his campaign fund pulled in a measly $11,000 from March through June.