A new poll purports to show there are no signs of weakness in Gov. Polis’s popularity.

Granted, it hasn’t reached dumpster fire status, but weaknesses, we see plenty Polis and his people should be worried about.

It’s a limited survey by Magellan Strategies of 500 likely voters — 72% of which live in metropolitan areas so it’s not exactly representative of “Colorado voters” so much as big city folk. And, the margin of error rate is 4.38%.

The key breakdowns: Do you approve or disapprove of the job Polis is doing as governor?

  • 21% Strongly approve
  • 28% Somewhat approve
  • 27% Strongly disapprove
  • 10% Somewhat disapprove

Did we mention it’s a weighted poll of 36% independents, 33% Democrats and 30% Republicans?

Now for the big question, would you vote yes to recall Polis and remove him from office, or vote no to keep Polis in office?

Polis had strong support with 34%, who said they would definitely vote to keep him — another 13% said they probably would.

Meanwhile, 27% of respondents were ready to show Polis the door, while 11% said they would probably vote to recall. 

We are well over a year away from a potential recall election, and 34% of solid support does not exactly inspire confidence.

Especially when considering this, the most revealing of all poll questions: “Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Gov. Polis and the Democratic state legislature overreached during this past legislative session and passed bills that went too far and were out of touch with everyday Coloradans?”

You know, the laws that ignited the recall in the first place.

The totals were 45% in agreement the Dems overreached, 40% who said they didn’t, and 15% undecided. 

  • 28% Strongly agree
  • 17% Somewhat agree
  • 19% Strongly disagree
  • 21% Somewhat disagree.

It might not be time to get out the hoses to put out a blazing fire of discontent, but if we were Polis, we’d be circle the firetrucks and checking the hydrants.