THIS is a hot dog sandwich.

Democrats running for president should just abandon ship now, because John Hickenlooper blew them all out of the race with this explosive, eight-minute interview with an obscure blog no one cares about.

The big revelation — the answer to life, the universe, and everything — a hot dog is, in fact, a sandwich.

The scoop was obtained by The Takeout, a food and pop culture website.

Here is a screenshot of the infamous interview, in its entirety.

Will other candidates joining Hick on the debate stage Tuesday night be forced to tackle this issue, which  the Takeout states is “the core issue dividing Americans and tearing our great nation asunder?”

Or will the mainstream media continue throwing their usual softball questions like boxers or briefs? Or in Elizabeth Warren’s case, loincloth. 

By the way, just because we’re kidding, doesn’t mean we don’t believe that if Democrats focused more on the hot dog issue, rather than their socialist agenda, America would finally unite in peace and solidarity.