The most important question Colorado voters faces in the Nov. 5 election this year: do you believe after years of wasting taxpayer dollars, elected officials will suddenly buck up and start spending wisely if we give them even more tax dollars?

If you think politicians will stop wasting money and spend it wisely, vote yes on Proposition CC to let them keep your hard-earned money instead of refunding under TABOR.

If your laughter has turned to hiccups at the preposterous theory of more money meaning more accountability, we’ll put you down for a “no.”

Democrats think pulling at voters’ heartstrings by limiting the use for another tax windfall to education and transportation is the golden ticket to the ultimate money grab.

They are counting on voters having a short-term memory lapse of the recent transportation performance audit showing they couldn’t account for how $1 billion was spent.

If the state had properly maintained roads with the billions they’ve already gotten over the years from gas taxes, Referendum C, FASTER fees and the Hospital Provider FEEs, they wouldn’t be crying for more money under Prop CC.

But their idea of spending money wisely, is $150 million to build new offices for themselves.