We’d be mad at The Onion for muscling into our well-established territory of lampooning former Gov. John Hickenlooper, if we weren’t so jealous we didn’t think of this one, first.

The headline says it all.

Sources within the satirical and brilliant mind of an Onion writer recounted a tearful tale of a Hickenlooper aide’s attempt to put his boss out of his misery, rather than subject him to another humiliating debate performance.

“Don’t be scared, Johnnie, just keep your eyes forward, and in only a few seconds, you won’t ever have to worry about poll numbers again.”

Never before have we been so tempted to break the finite rules of blogging, and just reprint the article in its entirety.

But if any website deserves your click today, it’s The Onion.

So click here, and share with your friends. Everyone who endured that ridiculous three-hour debate Tuesday night deserves a good laugh.