The law signed by Gov. Polis gives presidential voting power to areas in blue.

Congratulations, you crazy kids!

Colorado voters accomplished in just a few short months what some leftists insisted couldn’t be done.

Not only did they collect the required number of signatures for a recall vote on the so-called Popular Vote bill pushed through the legislature by Democrats and signed into law by Gov. Polis.

They hit the deadline with a record-breaking number of 227,198 signatures — 100,000 more than needed to be on the ballot next year, the Denver Post reported.

The Herculean effort was accomplished by Coloradans Vote, led by Mesa County Commissioner Rose Publiese and Monument Mayor Don Wilson. 

We’ll know by Aug. 30 whether the Secretary of State’s office will validate the petition. 

For those of you living under a rock and don’t have a clue what we’re talking about: If the extremely unpopular, National Popular Vote measure is enacted nationwide, it would no longer matter who Coloradans cast their ballots for in presidential elections.

All of our votes would automatically be awarded to the candidate who carried the “popular” vote, located in states with major metropolitan areas like California and New York. 

Democrats think this will give them an advantage to swing future elections left, caring not a fig they are stealing every Coloradans votes in the process.

But we believe all votes are precious, and would prefer to make those decisions for ourselves.

Go team.