Activists are going to extreme measures to thwart the recall effort of Gov. Polis by harassing signature collectors and the folks trying to sign petitions.

One man actually tried to steal petitions in a grab-and-go, but was chased down by a passerby who was injured while trying to retrieve a torn petition full of signatures.

If this kind of harassment occurred on Election Day when people were trying to actually cast ballots on the measure, the Justice Department would swoop in like pigeons and those folks would face federal charges.

Police in Wheat Ridge are looking for one suspect, the man who stole the petitions after kicking over tables and verbally assaulting two female volunteers.

Page Two over at Complete Colorado has the complete coverage of what’s been going on over the past week.

They have a picture of the suspect and his vehicle, along with this video of a separate disrupter accusing the volunteers of being white supremacists, homophobic, anti-semites, and sexist for attempting to recall the governor.

It’s a wild story, check it out. And if you recognize the suspect, Wheat Ridge police ask that you call them at (303) 237-2220.