Die-In performed by Extinction Rebellion Denver.

Protestors failed miserably in their attempt to disrupt a Denver City Council meeting this week by pretending to be dead.

Because they were all on lying on the ground out of view, not moving, shouting, or doing anything other than playing possum, officials completely ignored them and continued with the city’s business.

The dozen or so protestors, who believe they will die when sea levels rise a dozen or so inches by the end of the century a thousand miles away on the East Coast, are demanding the world’s carbon footprint be extinguished in six years.

“The oceans are rising and so are we,” sang the group, a local chapter of Extinction Rebellion, an international organization, sang after rising from their temporary graves and exiting Council Chambers.

The Denver City Council doesn’t really control the world, but that’s irrelevant.

Denverite reports the fake dead people also demanded live citizens be given the power to transition to a “clean” economy, and bring change to “communities of color and indigenous people.”

We’re not sure what the latter has to do with preventing climate change, but it’s a nice thought.

According to Extinction Rebellion Denver’s Facebook page, they were there to talk about “recent shootings, rising fascism, concentration camps, immigration justice, and climate justice.”

Again, none of which have anything to do with the prediction of rising sea levels and East Coast flooding.

This whole episode perfectly illustrates how the entire climate change debate has been completely hijacked by extreme leftist activists.

They are on so many political payrolls, they can’t keep their protests straight on which issues, both real and imagined, they are protesting at any given point.