The man who would be president senator politician-for life, John Hickenlooper, threw a hissy fit and bailed mid-interview when faced with the most common question asked of political candidates — abortion.

This wasn’t a Washington, D.C political show, or New York newspaper interview — the man folded like a cheap suit in his own backyard — during a KHOW radio show last week with Dan Caplis.

You can hear the brief interview here. A Washington, D.C. newspaper also reported on the incident.

Where was the Colorado media when this went down? Whistling past the graveyard, we suppose.

The interview begins with a question on abortion and continues for several minutes on the topic until Hick is asked if abortion should be legal throughout the nine-month term.

The president is not the “supreme decider,” such decisions are not for lawmakers to decide, that’s for the women to deal with, Hick responded.

Then he suddenly turned testy and accused the host of “trying to inflame people’s emotions.”

That’s when Hick insisted the entire interview was supposed to be about gun control and red flag laws, which just so happens to be the issue de jour Democrats are hyping to “inflame people’s emotions” with the recent tragedies.

Hick the Hypocrite doesn’t want to discuss “hypotheticals” about babies born alive and whether they should live — hypotheticals are suddenly off the table.

Except on the issue of gun control, Hick was chomping at the bit to discuss hypothetical situations with guns that would “inflame people’s emotions.”

Hick was the proverbial pot calling the kettle black, proving once again why voters are lining up in droves dozens to support him for political office.

Hick can’t stand the heat.

He needs to get out of the kitchen altogether and retire from the public dole.