To no one’s surprise, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold dropped out of the Democrat’s U.S. Senate primary to challenge Cory Gardner.

Technically, she was never in the race — except to fuel months of speculation, inspire a poll to see where she ranked, form an exploratory committee, and collect a cool couple hundred thousand in donations to beef up her campaign war chest.

The Colorado Sun reports she regretfully has declined to actually run because “now is not the right time for me to run.”

Apparently, she just needed a little attention.

Or, someone with authority to explain why it’s a really bad idea for aspiring public servants to abandon the very first job they were elected to, after only a few months, and attempt to salsa dance their way into one of the top 100 political jobs in the whole freaking nation.

Just like she treated her campaign for Secretary of State like a joke, Griswold was just joking around, or something, when she pulled in a ton of money to consider challenging the Democrat’s most sought after political seat in the state.

Honestly, watching the Democrats’ flailing attempts to take on Gardner is like watching a toddler trying to peddle a motorcycle.