A new poll shows a majority of Coloradans will support Prop CC when you tell them it’s not a tax increase, they just can’t have their money back because it needs to be spent on transportation, schools, and higher education that already amasses a fortune in tuition.

We sure are a rich, bountiful and carefree state.

Or maybe it’s just that the ballot question is rigged for a win with this opening statement: “Without raising taxes …”

The Magellan Strategies poll released Wednesday of 500 likely voters shows the ballot initiative has a head start of 54% willing forgo a tax refund, compared to 30% of voters who will likely say, “no way.”

That’s a horrible start for conservatives opposed to the measure.

Interestingly, the poll was weighted with 36% Republican, 34% Democrats and 29% unaffiliated voters. 

Not surprisingly, Democratic voters overwhelmingly support Prop CC, with 72% intending to vote yes, compared to only 32% of Republicans intending to vote yes.

Still, 32% of Republicans say they’re for it.

While voters are willing to forgo money they don’t realize is theirs if they believe it will go to education and transportation, they still aren’t willing to repeal TABOR outright in the 2020 election cycle — 48% still support TABOR, 36% oppose it, and 16% are undecided, the poll said.

What the poll suggests is that a majority of voters don’t really understand how TABOR works, many weren’t even born when the measure passed 27 years ago.

Like the proverbial canary in the mine shaft, the poll is a good indicator that voters need to be reminded of the merits and minuses of TABOR, before voting in the November election.