The news cycle’s been so dominated by John Hickenlooper’s indecision over the U.S. Senate seat he claims he’s not cut out for, we neglected an important story about voters trying to recall some of the disastrous Democrats already in office.

Look for petitions in the Pueblo area to recall Senate President Leroy Garcia; 13,500 signatures must be collected in two months to make the ballot. 

Ironically, this effort is driven by the same folks who brought us the successful recall of State Senator Angela Giron in 2013.

One miracle has already occurred since the petition format was approved by the Secretary of State’s office Monday.

The Democrat lawmakers turned into a conservative spender of taxpayer dollars overnight, claiming a recall election would just be a waste of their money.

Too bad Garcia didn’t consider our wallets when he embroiled the state in a lawsuit for that computer reading stunt of 2,000 pages a minute, so Democrats could sped up the process and get to more important legislation, like crippling the state’s oil and gas economy.