The man who admits he’s not cut out to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate is apparently so desperate for a job, he’s just going to give it a shot anyway and see how it all works out for him.

He didn’t make the announcement to a room packed with supporters, but in an empty pool hall with staged shots on the table to make him appear competent. At pool.

It’s the most awkward announcement for political office we’ve witnessed in a long time — playing a game, while accusing his opponent of playing games.

And speaking of awkward, Hick’s canned announcement came Wednesday night on the heels of this Westword piece.

Without support from the radical environmental base of the Democrat Party and the entire party’s lurch to the far left, Hick is in no position to just waltz away with the nomination.

Even the Denver Post knows that.

His entry is certain to upend the nascent Democratic Senate primary, which already includes 11 candidates. Early polls have shown Hickenlooper outpacing Gardner in a hypothetical matchup. However, he is not expected to clear the Democratic field. Several Senate candidates pledged to stay in last week after Hickenlooper dropped out of the presidential race.

Also not in his favor, the Denver Post points out, Hick’s a white male and Democrats are pining for a female or “person of color.”

We’re guessing they mean skin color, not sparkling personality.

Hick just doesn’t fit the bill for today’s Democrat Party — not nationally and not in the Colorado.

Middle age and moderate white males are a relic of the past. They need not apply to today’s party that embraces the likes of New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.