The food fight between the governor and Colorado ranchers got really messy over the Labor Day weekend with this Greeley Tribune editorial written by Jared Polis:

Gov. Jared Polis: Colorado’s agriculture industry should stand above partisanship

That’s really what the governor believes? That ranchers are mad at him because he’s a Democrat? That it has nothing to do with Polis’s closed door meeting to insert state government into the meatless “meat” industry?

Polis got caught taking sides with a vegetarian industry that’s not suited for production in Colorado, over the state’s number one exporter — beef.

And now the governor’s blaming the beef industry for partisan politics?

He’s already hit them once. Now Polis hits them again like an abusive spouse with these comments:

Our beef industry is too important for Weld County and for Colorado to become yet another victim of the divisive, partisan politics that plague our nation.

Okay, but then Polis goes on to insert partisan politics out of left field with the defense that no one got mad “when President Trump’s Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue, visited a facility where they make meatless burgers and ate one in front of the press, The North American Meat Institute said it was pleased to see Perdue visiting an alternative protein facility …”

“Yet somehow that wasn’t quite the reaction I got from those who are more interested in partisan gain than supporting Colorado’s beef industry.”

That’s what Polis thinks is partisan politics — giving a pass to a national leader responsible for all of the nation’s agricultural interests when he eats a meatless burger, because he’s a Republican.

Then, not giving the same pass to Colorado’s Democratic leader because he put undeveloped interests above the state’s billion dollar meat industry because it’s the trendy thing to spend taxpayer dollars on.

Polis finally retreats to his safe place, bragging about his “free” kindergarten, before concluding by essentially telling ranchers to go pound beef, cause he loves the veggie burger industry and would love to make that happen here.

What the governor is basically saying, is that anyone who challenges him is just a partisan hack.