John Hickenlooper PAC supporters made a total thug move with a poll they commissioned showing their boy kicking every donkey ass in the Democratic primary.

It’s an older poll that was conducted Aug. 28-29, which makes us wonder if Mike Johnston got a sneak peak, which prompted him to cave so early.

The poll showed Johnston getting smacked down by Hick in a primary with 3% to 60%.

Andrew Romanoff only received 9% of the primary vote in this poll of just over 500 Democrats. 

The key poll question, which of these candidates would you vote for next year?

60% Hickenlooper

16% Not sure

9% Andrew Romanoff

4% Someone else

3% Mike Johnston

2% Dan Baer

2% Alice Madden

2% Angela Williams

1% John Walsh

Their take-away? Drop out now, or be completely humiliated.

If you ask us, Hick’s only been in the race for a hot minute, and candidates still have seven months to clobber him.

Don’t be a wuss, Democrats, say no to the establishment bullies.