This morning, the League of Women voters, once an organization that fought to secure and preserve women’s votes, came out against an effort to repeal the National Popular Vote legislation that Democrats passed so Hillary Clinton would never lose another election to Donald Trump. In other words, the League of Women Voters thinks the votes of women in Colorado should not count in a national election.

If there was ever a signal that League of Women Voters was just a partisan Democratic organization, it is this. If the organization really cared about engaging women in the political process or ensuring their votes counted, there is no way the organization could tie the hands of Colorado’s electoral college to the national popular vote. But, if the purpose of the organization is to elect Democrats to a national office, well, then, this move makes perfect sense.

The only group for whom this doesn’t make sense is women, who presumably want their vote to count in a national election.

League of Women Voters isn’t the only group to come out against the repeal. Common Cause, a blatantly partisan group, did, too, citing Clinton’s loss to Trump, which is what this entire opposition is about. Fortunately, the National Popular Vote repeal has made the ballot and women can decide for themselves whether they want their vote to count.