The Democratic Senate primary is off to a hilarious start with the first debate in Durango, where one candidate suggested certain death if John Hickenlooper is elected.

“It is no time for business as usual — the status quo will literally kill people,” said Alice Madden, a former top state lawmaker, referring to climate change.

And with that, all of the candidates proceeded to bore the audience to death before climate change could get her sweaty paws on them all.

The Colorado Sun described the “debate” as more of a pep rally for the party rather than the individual candidates allegedly there to debate issues.

The Denver Post said the Western Slope forum “allowed for few policy specifics, discouraged debate and resulted in stunted stump speeches.”

Candidates danced around vague questions from moderator and party chairman Morgan Carroll, sticking to debate-free topics like climate change and whether it’s a woman’s turn to win the election.

The debate was so unremarkable, debate hometown newspaper, the Durango Herald, couldn’t even scratch up a decent quote from a single candidate.

If this is any indication of how Democrats are going to campaign for the Senate primary, they may as well just surrender the race to Hickenlooper.