John Hickenlooper totally played the campaign finance disclosure system to keep all his personal information secret during his presidential campaign and throughout the Democratic primary election for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat.

Hick was granted two extensions to delay his finance filing in the presidential race, one because he whined he had to study for the debate, another because he complained had too much travel to document.

That’s according to the Washington Free Beacon’s Todd Shepherd, who totally outed Hick’s calculated moves for secrecy.

John Hickenlooper’s exit from the presidential race came on the same day he would have had to file his financial disclosure forms with the Office of Government Ethics.

Tricky Hick gets to skate again t0 the U.S. Senate primary election without revealing his finances, tax deductions, corporate investments or charitable giving.

He won’t have to duck the next filing period until May 15, just a few weeks before voting begins in the June 30 election.

All told, Hick will have run for office 267 days without disclosing any financial information to voters.

So what is Tricky Hick hiding?

As governor, Hickenlooper refused to release his full tax disclosures, opting instead for a summary that disclosed few details, especially about any charitable giving.

Then there’s those pesky ethics complaints about his travel while governor.

If Hick was a Republican, Democrats would be losing their collective brains over such abuse of the transparency process.

But it’s Tricky Hick, so once again, the rules don’t apply to him.