Bernie Sanders has declared Colorado as the epicenter of the fight against climate change, causing all the problems and reaping the disastrous effects, because polling now shows a majority of Americans favor a fracking ban and he was campaigning here anyway.

Not reliable polling, but one survey conducted by a leftist activist group that conducts its own polls to match its radical agenda that includes a ban on fracking.

Wild how that happens.

Sanders’ campaign blames droughts, floods and wildfires on fracking — as if those natural disasters have not existed throughout the history of mankind.

Our air pollution drifting in from China is also our fault, the campaign says.

And that’s why Bernie promised a fracking ban to rid us of our energy economy   while campaigning in Denver Monday night to a throng of like-minded socialist Democrats.

“There was a time when Democrats would hesitate before embracing fringe ideas like banning fracking or ‘ending’ fossil fuel, but 2020 Democrats are showing those days are over,” said Kyle Kohli, spokesman for the Republican National Committee in Colorado. 

“While President Trump and Cory Gardner continue to fight for energy jobs and a robust economy, Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren would devastate Colorado’s energy industry and kill countless working class jobs,” Kohli said.

We remember a time when presidential despots candidates didn’t campaign on promises to destroy our livelihoods and turn us into a welfare state completely dependent upon the government.

Historically, they’ve had to rely on violence to force a populace into submission.

Now that’s progressive.