Hickenlooper flu appears to be contagious within the Senate Democratic primary claiming a second candidate on Wednesday, former U.S. Attorney John Walsh.

Of course Walsh endorsed Hick in his concession email.

No word on whether Walsh will return the $2,800 contribution from Hick’s ex-wife.

What’s interesting to note in this collapse of the House of Democrat, Hick supporters and his own challengers aren’t backing the former governor with waves of praise on what a great senator he will make or all of the wonderful things he would do for Colorado.

Hell, Hickenlooper himself bragged about what a lousy senator he would make.

Instead, liberals are willing to sacrifice Colorado’s Senate seat held by an outstanding, hardworking and competent Senator Cory Gardner because they all hate Trump.

That’s if Hickenlooper can beat Gardner. 

With the General Election still more than a year away, Democrats are taking a mighty big risk putting all of their eggs in one basket one a candidate still stumbling out the gate.