Some Democratic lawmakers think we need tougher rules for the state’s recall process to make it harder for voters to hold them accountable.

Never mind the process worked just fine — tough requirements and the large number of signatures required kept several efforts from reaching the ballot.

We knew it was a long shot to recall Gov. Polis, although the effort sent a clear message to Democrats that voters were furious over the anti-energy and anti-gun laws as well as the so-called Popular Vote Act.

The stand-alone recall for the voting act that strips Coloradans of their presidential voting power was a wildly successful effort and made the ballot.

Meanwhile, the recall effort against state Senate President Leroy Garcia continues in Pueblo with an Oct. 18 deadline for petitions.

This hardly constitutes as an abuse of the system, but some Democrats are taking voter anger very personally. 

“Recalling someone because you don’t like the way a person voted on a couple of issues disrespects the electorate and undermines the democratic process,” said Sen. Pete Lee of Colorado Springs.

Not surprising Colorado Democratic Party chair Morgan Carroll told the Denver Post the recall process is being abused as a “frivolous political game” and should be toughened.

Democrats think they should only face recalls if they are busted breaking a law, not for stripping us of a constitutional right or giving away our presidential vote.

Democrats think we should just take that on the chin.