The RTD marked a new low this week by voting to keep a vacant lot at Broadway and Colfax as a useless gravel pit rather than lease the land for the National Medal of Honor Museum.

Adding insult to injury were the ignorant excuses by Director Kate Williams for this irrational decision.

Williams also said the idea of a museum for Medal of Honor recipients did not impress her.

“I don’t know how many national Medal of Honor winners there are that they need a museum,” she said.

It’s true the president of the United States doesn’t hand out the medals like candy, they must be earned by extraordinary acts of valor in combat. 

And to answer William’s question, there are 3,500 men and women who’ve been honored with this symbol of courage, patriotism, sacrifice, integrity, and humility.

But wait, there more.

Williams went on to complain the green space entrance design for the museum resembled just another park to attract “one more group of homeless people on it.”

Which group would that be? Homeless veterans?

The vote to accept the museum lease failed on a 7-7 vote. Members think they can get more money out of it than the $123,000 a year museum lease, for something better like food trucks, electric scooter storage, a community garden or “affordable” housing.

Denver and Arlington, Texas were the two location finalists to house this national museum, but now it looks like the RTD Board insulted us right out of the running.