Which is more alarming? Predictions of climate change, or the psychological harm being done to our children as they’re indoctrinated with the belief humans will soon be extinct and the world is doomed?

It’s an important question for Colorado parents to ponder in the coming days, as their children are encouraged to skip school to attend climate change protests in Denver as part of the Global Climate Strike staged by radical environmentalists.

 According to Newsweek, psychologists are warning parents that climate change alarmists are causing a new disorder called eco-anxiety in children.

Children and young adults in the United Kingdom are now being treated with psychiatric drugs to reduce the emotional stress that’s brought about by this unrelenting barrage of messages that the planet is environmentally doomed and humans are on the brink of extinction, Newsweek reports.

Now, look what’s happening to our children in Colorado.

Colorado Climate Strike shows off the art created by kids participating in Friday’s protest.

They’re being told by their parents, teachers, the media, and government daily that climate change is upon us.

If they want to save themselves and humanity, they must to learn how to make signs and strike like their brothers and sisters in unions and protest today to bring about change.

Or, they will die.

Watch this video circulating on the Facebook page of Colorado Climate Strike and decide for yourself whether these children are being brainwashed?

When an event is sanctioned by the media and schools, is it really a protest, or a propaganda parade?

You decide, before sending your children to participate.