Hundreds turned out to welcome U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to the Boulder Mothership and hear her whack version of history that compared FDR’s New Deal to rebuild a broken economy to her Green New Deal that would cripple ours.

Compared to the global climate strike on Friday that was attended by countless children skipping school to take a stand on climate change, Saturday’s event was more of a draw for the older kids activists.

Boulder High senior Kirby Meschke said she’s concerned about how the climate change affects not only the world at large but also people here in the United States specifically.

“We have a really high quality of life. There are still people who are drinking poisonous water and poisonous air,” she said. “It’s more than just … rising waters and melting glaciers.”

Don’t forget the total extinction of mankind. No scary bedtime story is complete without everyone dying at the end.


AOC assures we can save the planet by using less plastic. 

Putting energy companies out of business will also help, but we’re guessing she wants to keep airplanes in jet fuel long enough for her to complete her anti-energy U.S. tour raising money for Democrats and rallying against those who, uhm, make money. 

AOC was invited to Colorado by Boulder Congressman Joe Neguse, who to no one’s surprise, supports her Green New Deal.