Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s tour of the Boulder Mothership last weekend is causing a stir and raising questions about whether her travel arrangements broke the law.

No, her airline flight here wasn’t illegal. Yet. That comes when her Green New Deal passes.

But AOC obviously took some liberties in bringing along an employee and the staffer’s toddler, and using campaign funds to cover the costs.

She was spotted by fans who took a picture of her with the baby. AOC offered her own version of events in this tweet, claiming the child was along for the ride as part of a test for innovative approaches to childcare policies.

Is this how AOC comes up with her bizarre ideas? She gets busted doing stupid stuff and then she just makes up outrageous policies to cover her tracks?

We were more concerned as to why she was flying to an event to promote her Green New Deal and the elimination of fossil fuels and airline flights. Hypocrite much?

But now we’re worried she’s actually going to propose a law requiring childcare costs include paid-for vacations when mommy travels for official duty.

The New York Post reports her using campaign funds is already questionable, and might be illegal.

What next? Will she introduce legislation to close the “gender pay gap” by forcing taxpayers to cover the cost? A bill mandating the private sector pay for partners and children to travel whenever a woman travels for business? 

What’s the point of bringing baby to work if you can’t bring a sitter to take care of the baby while you work?

And seriously, how many freshmen lawmakers need a staffer to travel with them on airplanes to make a speech on climate change and attend a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse?

We know the answer. The trip to Boulder Colorado was most likely a bonus for a favorite employee, and AOC got busted by the tweet.

We doubt any of her workers would be so happy about a work trip to Akron, Ohio.