Climate activists shut down rush hour traffic in downtown Denver and Washington, D.C. Monday, blocking intersections during green lights to teach us all a lesson.

We have absolutely no idea what that lesson was, or what traffic jams have to do with climate change.

Environmentalists blame everything nowadays on climate change, from droughts to floods to fires and hurricanes.

We suppose it was only a matter of time before climate change caused traffic jams, more frequent oil changes and wiper fluid use.

Laughably, climate activists called their actions a non-violent protest, and were outraged when police arrested several of them for running into the middle of traffic.

Dave Robinson, an Extinction Rebellion organizer, called the police tactics “brutal.” He also promised more disruptive action in Denver on Oct. 7, when Extinction Rebellion plans to shut down at least five major cities across the world.

“We’re not going to stop,” he said. “The Earth’s not waiting. It’s just heating up. And it’s on fire.”

We do agree traffic would be affected if the world caught fire and we were all burning.

Traffic would also be the least of our worries, if we were on fire.

But we’re not on fire, the world is not burning, and you fools in the middle of the road are just making those of us who work for a living late to our jobs!

Blocking traffic can hardly be considered a non-violent action. 

What they’re doing is trying to incite a riot, and police are correct to charge them with crimes.