Colorado impeachment holdouts are suddenly jumping on board an attempt to take down President Trump, as Speaker Pelosi calls for an official “impeachment inquiry” and impeachment memes take control of our Facebook feed.

Ed Perlmutter told Colorado Politics he’s actually supported moving to an “impeachment inquiry” for months, but no one noticed.

Before, Perlmutter just supported an investigation that would lead to impeachment. Or something.

Jason Crow is also changing his tune, calling Trump’s latest Ukrainian government incident an impeachable offense.

So how is what Pelosi announced, and what Crow and Perlmutter now say they support, any different from what Congressional Democrats have already been doing?

It’s not different. 

The House Judiciary Committee has already been conducting what Chairman Jerrold Nadler has described as an “impeachment inquiry” for months now.

Pelosi merely told him and other chairman to keep doing what they’re doing because they really mean it, this time.

What’s changed is that the presidential primary is just around the corner, and new rumors have surfaced that could hurt Joe Biden and his son Trump.

Therefore, more Democrats are jumping on the impeachment train demanding Nancy finally do something, so she threw a little red meat at the base by using the word impeachment more, but maintained the status quo.

U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette and Joe Neguse were already for the impeachment inquiry before the impeachment inquiry became an impeachment inquiry.

Meanwhile, Trump already agreed to send the transcript to Capitol Hill of the now infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 

But Democrats aren’t interested in the actual conversation.

They want to hear from a mystery “whistleblower” who had second-hand knowledge of the actual conversation, and claims Trump threatened to withhold nearly $400 million in military aid unless the foreign president agreed to investigate Hunter Biden’s role in a Ukrainian natural gas company.

Wait … the Biden family in invested in foreign natural gas?!

Well, isn’t that interesting?

Maybe the media should ask Biden during the next debate whether he supports foreign, or domestic fracking.